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Chase Anderson

Chase Anderson

Chase Anderson

Chase Anderson is a wholesome blonde twink who would love for you to watch him masturbate. He sits in bed with his jeans and a shirt on and rubs his cock through his pants. He quickly pulls the front of his pants down so he can have easy access to his beautiful cock. He licks his fingers and starts playing around with the foreskin. He pinches the foreskin on each side of his cock and slides it up and down the shaft. He pulls his pants all the way down to his ankles and gets a firm grip around his cock. He sticks his fingers in the foreskin again and he is clearly very turned on by the sensation that it gives him. He stretches the foreskin and pulls it over the head gorgeous cock. It feels so good that he tilts his head back and moans seductively. He pulls his pants the rest of the way off and takes his shirt off as well so he can be completely nude. He grabs his cock firm in his hands and starts stroking it. He puts some lotion on it so his hand will slide up and down on the shaft easier. He loves to stick his finger in his foreskin and play with it and it makes his cock harder and harder each time he does it. He squeezes the shaft of his cock and pushes all of the foreskin up over the head then pulls it all the way down. He gets close to cumming so he gets up on his knees. He keeps stroking his cock and foreskin with hard and fast strokes until he unloads his cum all over the bed. He lies back on the bed to relax with his balls completely drained all over the sheets. Click Here To Join Now!

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