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Casper Ivarsson

Casper Ivarsson

Casper Ivarsson

Casper Ivarsson is horny and he needs to take a load off. He’s just gotten home and he’s ready to sit back and take care of himself. He takes the time to caress his entire body over his clothes and he enjoys every single second of it. The sensations start to make his cock stiffen and then it’s time for his pants to come off. He’s so hard that his dick sticks right through from the bottom of his underwear. He still peels them off and takes his dick into his hand to give it a nice and satisfying stroke. All he can think about is getting down on his knees in front of a bear and taking his thick, stiff cock into his mouth. He loves the taste of cock and never wants to go without it. Just thinking about it makes him jerk his cock faster and faster. He thinks about the taste of pre cum on his tongue and the bear’s hand on the back of his head. He grabs his dick harder and thinks about the bear holding his head and cumming right down his throat while he gags and his own cum shoots out all over his stomach.Click Here To Join Now!

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